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One Click Truck Logistics and Freight Network

One Click Truck is a transportation and logistics load board network company in New Zealand.  It is a modern-tech logistic company using the new digital technology to enhance the delivery experience of goods and services for its customers globally.  The primary focus of OneClickTruck Is to create a platform that connects or matches the truck drivers and customers who need their products to be delivered from one business area to different locations.


OneClickTruck offers various freight services such as logistics, shipping, scheduled delivery, and urgent delivery. They ensure shipment of all kinds of loads using multiple carriers such as trucks, cargo vans, pick-ups, and couriers to cover all types of transportation.  The Our mission is to work beyond customers’ expectations and enhance safe shipment needs from loading to off-loading faster and more efficiently. OneClickTruck objective is to solve the clients’ freight solutions and truckers through connecting customers with drivers using technology to improve freight and logistics globally.


Market services

Enhancing safety freight

One of the services that OneClickTruck is using is a contractual agreement between the clients and the company to make their work effective.  These regulations and policies govern the client to use the company’s entities such as products, software, websites, and other services.

Policies helps to regulate fraudulent in digital market. The terms and conditions allow for a contractual relationship between customers and OneClickTruck. Meaning that if a customer disagrees with policies, they may not access the services.  The company may also terminate the contracts offering services to the business in case of violation of these rules.  These terms of services may apply in specific events, promotions, and activities and will be disclosed to clients during the agreement.

Mobile apps software

OneClickTruck offers a technology platform that enables clients to use mobile applications or websites as part of their services.  The mobile Application (Both Android and IOS) helps the customer arrange schedules and logistics services with drivers or a third-party provider of the service, including the third party logistics or independent third party under the company’s agreements and conditions.

The benefits are made explicitly for personal or commercial purposes.  The Application helps you connect with vetted delivery drivers on demand for help in shipping, logistics, or delivery.  The App also allows you to schedule your delivery in advance and estimate the delivery time for less than one hour or 24 hours. Additionally, it helps you select a location, track the delivery progress and pay for the transportation.


Business to business logistics ( B2B Logistic Service )

OneClickTruck is providing Business-to-Business logistics services to all customers globally.  The purpose of providing these services is to promote the company’s brand in the logistics industry.

Using the website, customers can access a variety of B2B logistic services. These include Full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL) services used to ship office equipment, Home furniture, Hospital equipment, and pallet construction materials for Box trucks.  Others like the Cargo van cab used to transport small boxes, studio equipment, and retail purchases.

These include classifying the freight, selecting the logistics, and other specialized services. For   using the technology, clients will use their mobile phones and laptops to post the size and type of loads and then send them to the company officials for freight arrangement.  Then prepare the schedule for delivery after admitting to supplemental terms with the company.

The website system helps to find instant quotes for every shipment.  B2B helps to open large markets or platforms, offer customers’ needs and increase the leads.

Furthermore, the App can assist reduce labor costs since the carriers will load and offload the cargo for you.   The navigation feature in the App software also helps to check other variables such as traffic jams, load type, size of the truck, car accidents to stimulate efficiency by reducing risk expenses.

Transportation shipment

Improves efficiency in accessing freight

The web automation in OneClickTruck is optimizing shipping through digital networking.   There are many truck vehicles in the United States. However, for these carriers to operate, they maintain a relationship with brokers attempting to get more loads.  Despite their endless efforts, most trucks manage to get a small fraction of freight at a given time. Since most of these trucks use traditional shipment, they become tough to track and manage. Digital logistics has democratized freight and logistics by ensuring all cargo is available at carriers all the time.  Furthermore, digital web automation matches the clients with the best carriers or trucks.

Improves monitoring of trucks and employees

The software application in OneClickTruck improves logistic freight by monitoring the movement of trucks and drivers. For instance, using the App, one can observe the location and the direction of the car. Additionally, a person can use the web software to track the drivers’ daily logs using the GPS.

Furthermore, the daily records detect the mileage, hours, and information concerning the truck that the driver is using—for example, the number plate, model, license number, and name. Besides, the manager can detect these factors whether the driver is violating the laws, such as overspending, using wrong roads, unnecessary stoppage, or accidents.

One Click Truck Desktop version

Ensuring customer’s satisfaction

OneClickTruck web automation is enhancing more customer satisfaction through offering efficient digital services. Efficient Customer services in the freight and logistics aspect include:

  • Quality customer support.
  • Effective delivery speed.
  • Absence of delivery errors.
  • Efficient web application software.

The company has numerous box trucks, couriers, cargo vans, and cargo pickups that offer various services. For instance, the entire truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload used to ferry office and home furniture. The web technology makes the process convenient for customers when it comes to payment, tracking the cargo, and communication.

The digital automation reduces the number of the delivery errors as logistic software replace human labor which is prone to a lot of mistake in processing orders and data entry. The web application can process delivery from pick up, transportation, arrival, and invoice payment.

Moreover, when customers access and monitor real-time delivery and receive push notifications about their shipment, they find such a process convenient and satisfying. The company also provides effective payment methods through direct invoice and card processing.