Vehicle Transportaion

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Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle transportation helps transport cars, vans, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, tractors, boats, and yachts from one place to another with the help of an auto transport hauler/trailer. In New Zealand, vehicle assembly halted in the 1980s, and the domestic market relies on imported cars, mainly from Japan. These cars are imported to the major international ports, transported throughout the country with local freight services. Annually, more than 250,000 cars are transported throughout the country. Domestic vehicle shippers, including company owners and freight/logistic carriers, can take strategic benefit from this NZ vehicle scenario. In addition, vehicle transportation is not limited to providing domestic channels from ports/depots. Still, people need their vehicles to be transported on personal requirements from which vehicle haulers can also benefit.

Vehicle Transportation at One-Click Truck

As Shipper

If you have a dealership in new or used vehicles, bought a new car from any part of New Zealand, and want to get it delivered on your doorstep or need your boat to be transported safely, One-Click Truck can always help with your needs. The following requirements on our load board need to be fulfilled:

  • Type of vehicle:
    • Car, Ute, Commercial vehicle, motorbike, boat/yacht, tractor, machinery
  • Destination:
    • Exact location, within island or interisland
  • Type of service:
    • Door to door
    • Port to depot
    • Depot to depot

   As Carrier:

If you own a vehicle hauler, you can grab the best loads at One-Click Truck. People need their vehicles on the move with a limited budget, and you can broaden your scale of earning and fill your trucks by preferring your routes. We support auto haulers that can choose between open or enclosed trailers for their loads. Once you observe that your truck is fully loaded and has less/zero deadhead miles, you can start bidding on costs quoted by shippers. As transport shipping can be bulky haulage, you can involve multiple customers for maximum benefit at One-Click Truck.