One Click Truck will share your load to carriers and choose your best carrier.

How One Click Truck Works ?

Book A Load
One Click Truck automatically detects your current location, lets you choose to have your load picked up from your current location, or drops a pin on the map or enters the pickup address manually. Your favourite drop addresses can be saved for quick and easy access in the future.
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Pay By Direct Invoice, Card Or Wallet
At One Click Truck each customer will have a different preferred method of making a payment for a load. We give you the option of using either Cash, Card or a Credit line (Wallet). We make sure your information is secure by storing card data on a PCI-compliant database. Your wallet can be recharged on the app once your credit is depleted.
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One Click Truck allows you to post an offer for a load on the 'Load Board' and all available drivers can either accept the offer or negotiate with you. The contract is sealed after both you and the driver 'Accept' an offer and complete the dual handshake.
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Track Your Load
You can track your load on the Shipper (customer) app and get live updates of the driver's location. The customer will also be notified about the booking status and when the driver 'Arrives,' 'Starts' and 'Completes' a Load delivery. This notification will come as a push message.
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View The Details Of Your Load
While you are on the live track page, you have constant access to the details of the shipment and you can view the documents uploaded at Pickup and verify the condition of your goods.
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Review & Rate Drivers
Loaders and drivers rate each other after the completion of a trip. At the end of each trip, you’ll be invited to rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars. You can also provide this rating at the bottom of your receipt.
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One Click Truck How it works for Shipper

How One Click Truck can help your shipment ?

future freight
  • Various types of trucks are ready to take your load.
  • Different load capacity trucks are categorized into types. (This is only for your preference. Any truck type that can carry your goods and less than its capacity can be used to deliver your load)
  • Choose between LTL or FTL. If you choose FTL, the driver will not use his truck to deliver other loads until your load is delivered.
  • Decide your own price. State a reasonable price for your load to be accepted by drivers.
  • Enable bidding option. If you want to get offers from companies or drivers, don’t fix your price offer and let them offer you their ideal price. It will make you get easy matching.
    • Get a notification every step of the way.

    The driver is on the way to pick up Driver has arrived Driver loaded goods Driver arrived to drop down Driver unloaded – Invoice

    • In-app chat is available all the time your load is in transit
  • We have our own proprietary tech stack for real-time tracking
  • Track all your loads in real-time, track the load live on the map once the Driver is assigned, track the load live on the mobile app and on birds’ view.

We provide two payment methods:

  • Direct Invoice – You can directly process payment with your driver or fleet company.
  • Card – We will make your payment safer with us. Pay directly to us without any extra cost.

One Click Truck - Shipper Workflow

one click truck workflow

Why One Click Truck ?


One Click Truck is a powerful network in the transportation industry. According to our reputation, customers know how our services make transport services safer, secure, more accessible, reliable and economical.

One Click Truck covers all types of transportation services in our network. We can offer a chilled truck, log truck, tipping truck, flat deck for oversized goods and other special types of vehicle services. 

One Click Truck will match you with a 100% compatible carrier. Tweak our services according to the needs of our customers. 

One Click Truck will match your 100% compatible carrier. You can find your best match with your shipment.