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What is online market place?

The online marketplace is a source of e-commerce, where buyers and sellers come together on a single platform for initiating business. Sellers/traders publish their products and related information, and potential customers can then negotiate, compare prices and buy products. The product stock/inventory is regulated by sellers instead of an online marketplace platform. 

An online marketplace is advantageous for sellers/buyers in numerous ways, including:

  • It adds up revenue for the sellers 
  • Businesses can expand their horizons on a domestic/international level
  • It provides a chance for running the industry all year round
  • Customers can explore a wide range of options, comparing prices and quality
  • For businesses, it reduces the cost and efforts of marketing
  • Satisfied services can promote customer-business trust
  • Provides a chance to carriers for enhancing their businesses through delivering purchases and gain customer’s confidence for future prospects
  • Shippers can also expand their trade and commerce through the association of trustworthy carriers

Online markets in New Zealand

 Cross border trade between Australia and New Zealand has risen within a few years, especially during Covid-19 era. Retailers from China and UK have shown especial interest in expanding their overseas portfolio, which provides business opportunities for the trucking and freight industry.  The most famous e-commerce websites in New Zealand include:

Trade Me:

Trade Me has all the rage in New Zealand’s e-business, where buyers not only purchase first class items but resale them as well. It is a multi-grouped marketplace, where small to big items are sold and has more than 500,000 daily visitors.

Facebook Online Marketplace:

In New Zealand, the Facebook Marketplace was launched on 1st October, 2016. It contains classified features for selling and buying used/unused items. It offers similar features as TradeMe but with straightforward rules and regulations. It also covers variety of items, from antiques and collectibles to books, cell phones and clothing items. However, for shippers, it is necessary to ship items within three business days or described timeline.

How can One-Click Truck help carriers/shippers on the online market place?

Trade Me provides shipping options for buyers, including “buyers have the option to pick up,” meaning that buyers need to be at the location where the merchandise was sold and physically carry it to the destination. Additionally, sellers can ship the goods included in the sale price. 

On the Facebook marketplace, you need to list down delivery options so that the buyer has the open chance of deciding on the necessary steps for shipping. Both sellers and buyers can choose third-party carriers for delivering their goods, as some items can be hard to move products or destinations can be unreachable. 

For all New Zealand’s online marketplace platforms, One-Click Truck can help buyers and sellers through its load board, as by using our services, your freight/goods can be delivered safely through our registered truckers. On our online platform, you need to mention:

  • Type of load:
    • Ready to send: Less than 25 kg
    • Bulky goods: Above than 25 kg
    • Fragile items
    • Regular parcel
    • Excess baggage/luggage
  • Dimensions of Load:
    • Length, width, height
    • Specific Packaging/pickup/delivery guide
  • Destination 
  • Time of pickup/delivery 
  • Final costs for bidding 

Contactless Delivery/Pickup:

Delivery can be made contactless in the current Covid-19 restrictions and era. Therefore, you can leave parcel/goods to be delivered outside your doorstep, and the relevant carrier can collect them for delivery.

Tracking of shipment:

 As a shipper/buyer, you can track your shipment through our GPS tracker until it is safely delivered to your required destination. 

Expansion of your online business:

As a seller, you can take advantage of the evolving eCommerce world. You can remain at the competitive edge by taking advantage of One-Click Truck’s technology-driven platform and expertise. You can boost your online sales by shipping your items on time through our load board. You can even take advantage of delivering things on the same day through negotiating through truckers/carriers and keep your customers happy. These carriers can be the prolonged stakeholder of your business through One Click Truck’s services.

Earn profit as a carrier:

As an independent truck operator, you can make the best use of the One-Click Truck platform. You need to filter out options for online marketplace sales, time/date, and location and load your truck with deliverables. Online marketplaces are always high on sales, irrespective of the item size. You can select your best-suited item and negotiate the price. At times, merchandise is as large as a refrigerator or lounge furniture or as small as clothing items; however, you can select your preferred item concerning load availability and item management. 

Even if you own a truck fleet, you can prefer online marketplace’s delivery for your business through the One-Click Truck platform by:

  • Carrying out unlimited search/post
  • Locating ideal loads/freight for meeting your goals
  • Efficient negotiation with sellers/shippers on a long term basis


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