Log Transportation

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1. Log Transportation

Log transportation includes carrying logs from factories to depots or ports. Exporting logs is one of the highest revenue earners of New Zealand’s economy and contributes approximately $6.0 billion annually. The industry employs about 7,000 people, and about 7% of New Zealand’s land covers the plantation forests. Transportation of logs requires timber lorry or logging truck that are flatbeds or discrete tractor units. The truckers need to acquire special training from NZTA accredited institute. 

Log Freight at One-Click Truck

As Shipper:

Loggers can use the One-Click Truckload board for advertising their log loads by specifying job site location, destination, and rates. It would be best if you were accurate in mentioning these details, especially weight, as being overweight can be heavily fined by NZTA authorities and troublesome for the haulers. Logs can be delivered from your factory/depot to seaport, dry port, Kiwi rail depots around New Zealand.

As Carrier:

Being a log hauler is not an easy job. It requires complete legal documentation, appropriate transport with health and safety checks, and constant en route weight verification by NZTA authorities. However, if all reviews are completed, and you can complete the job with full responsibility, you can be a permanent log hauler through One-Click Truck. You need to complete the following:

  • Submit your accredited credentials and get verified by the One-Click Truck team
  • Look for route, time, destination, and weight of logs
  • Start bidding and earning   

As New Zealand exports logs worldwide, your truckload can always be fully stacked, and you can drive from ports to ports around the country to increase your payments all year round.