One Click Truck – Load Board

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Basics about Load Board

Freight board or Load board is an online forum for shippers, truck owners (carriers), and freight brokers for posting, searching, and bidding loads for sustaining the logistics industry.  It is a web-based announcement and communication service that assists in searching a load and displaying cargo/goods to be shipped. Our One Click Truck load-board comes in handy for transport/freight professionals to make an association with shippers/business owners for keeping freight on the road.

Working of One-Click Truck Load Board

Load-boards are networked through online services and are accessible by multiple platforms, including mobile, tablets, and computers.  One-click truck shines in such aspects, and all parties can benefit from the forum. Here is a brief overview of the working mechanism for an online marketplace where both shippers and truckers for the overall working of our load-board:

How to become a Shipper at One-Click Truck?

How to become a Carrier at One-Click Truck?

Features of One Click Truck Load Board

By using a load-board, you are your boss. Either you are a shipper or a carrier; you can always negotiate the cost as per your needs. You can select the ideal truck or load and control your freight. One-Click Truck offers you the same option for being the boss. With e-commerce on the rise, freight/logistic management has opened doors for digitalization, which includes load-boards for load pickup and delivery. The main features of One-Click load-board can be described as follows:

Lowest investment:

At One Click Truck, you don’t require to pay joining fees. Instead, you can register by providing required credentials/documentation that is verified, and then you can start earning through finding a suitable load. As the documentation is validated by our team, shippers can avoid the fear of facing fraudulent carriers.

Health and Safety Compliance:

Health and safety are always a priority in every business. New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) issues a set of rules for freight transportation. At One-Click Truck, we assure that every carrier has an NZTA approved authentic driver license/certificate for completing safety and compliance features. In addition, we ensure that our registered carriers are fully trained. This assures the shippers that the carriers are well prepared for handling their shipment.

Suitable for all business entities:

Whether you are an alone trucker, owner-operator, or fleet operator, you can join our load-board and gain benefit. These include:

  • Customize your trip:

As a carrier, you can plan a trip according to the best-suited trip, giving you maximum Return on Investment. You can track Rest areas, fuel stations, weighing stations, repair mechanic shops, and truck stops on the way through using our GPS integrated technology.

  • Navigation:

New Zealand has a vast road network covering most parts of urban and rural areas. Therefore, there might be a probability that you might lose track of your destination if you are new to the site. Navigation in our system can help you to locate your exact location and be a helpful trip planner. Similarly, as a shipper, you can easily know the whereabouts of your shipment.

Building Strong Customer Foundation:

Trucking follows a circular path, meaning that a shipper might need your services for delivering numerous times. Our truckload-board can help you lay a foundation for your trucking business, making solid and long-term shipper-carrier relations. This base is necessary for your future revenue, as market rates might fluctuate anytime, especially in the Covid-19 lockdown scenario. If you have strong business shipper-carrier relations, you might not get worried about your revenue generation as shippers can give you a priority.

Immediate Bidding Option:

As a carrier, you have the option of immediate bidding for planning the trip in advance. As soon as you have clarity of your route, you can instantly book the load with minimum administrative work to earn more profit. In this way, you can have a smarter contract with your shipper and gain more opportunities in a diverse network.

B2B Logistics:

You can promote your trucking business at One Click Truck, intended for trucking companies and customers to utilize a specific trucking service. For example, the transportation business owner can look for particular loads, and shippers can search for the company to deliver their loads.