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Livestock Transportation

Livestock transportation includes hauling domestic farm animals, including pigs, deer, horses, chickens, and cows & sheep. Its hauling requires a particular type of trailer, called stock trailer, which is unpowered carried by a powerful engine vehicle.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) developed an app for all parties who want to transport livestock to determine whether an animal is medically and physically fit for transport. So if you are the shipper or a carrier, you can always take advantage of experts in the industry that can guide you for transport requirements and animal welfare.

Livestock Transportation at One-Click Truck:

As Shipper:

Whether you are a farmer, veterinarian, producer, or stock agent interested in transporting livestock from one point to another in New Zealand, you need an experienced driver for safe haulage. One-Click offers you to look for qualified drivers within your budget for safe livestock transportation, as we only register drivers with authentic documentation and skill set. In addition, you can post the number of animals type of livestock, destination/time, and bid on your favorable rate. An estimated load can be as follows:


As Carrier:

The livestock transportation industry has insufficient online resources to find an appropriate load for transportation, as hauling livestock is different from hauling general freight. This is where the One-Click Truck load board comes and offers you free-of-cost registration and searching services for locating a livestock load for your truck. However, as a trucker for livestock, you need to stay updated on rules and regulations issued by MPI. On October 1, 2018, new codes for Animal Welfare and stock transportation for truckers were issued, and penalties for unlawful acts were also revised. While loading, you need to be careful that animals don’t have:

  • Eye cancer
  • Ailing health conditions
  • Visible wounds, infections, or disease
  • Recently removed, ingrown or injured horns
  • Body Condition Score (BCS) 3 or greater

After getting familiar with the rules and regulations, you can start bidding on our load board and set up load alerts with detailed preferences.