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1. Home/Office Goods Shipment/Relocations, Home & Office Removal

When we talk about moving homes or offices, we are always triggered by stress as we want fewer disruptions in our daily routine or business operations. This is why you always need a team of people helping in shifting from one place to another that can accommodate your needs and requirements. Similarly, if you want your home/office goods just to be shipped from one place to another, you can always take help from hiring experts in this domain by using a reliable load board. One-Click Truck can ease these hurdles by making 

How can One-Click Truck help?

As Shipper:

There is no item that can’t be moved through One-Click Truck. As a shipper, you need to post:

  • All the shipping content, including fragile and non-fragile items; full load details: either total or selected items
  • Type of property to be relocated: Full house, apartment, unit, townhouse, office, warehouse, or other
  • Time, destination, and estimated budget
  • For relocations, you might also need to dispose of some of the rubbish for which you can post the required job to be done at One Click Truck, referred to as Rubbish/Junk disposal. Hence, you have the liberty of posting two or more jobs at a time on our platform. 
  • Requirement of storage
  • You can mention whether you require a team of people helping you, for example, in careful packaging, as there can be fleet owners that are experts in this job, or you can complete the task independently. You can then manage your freight at your fingertips.

As Carrier:

There are hundreds of posts for relocations at One-Click Truck, so there is never a dull day for you as a carrier. You can sieve through our load board for choosing commercial or non-commercial jobs, according to your capabilities, truckload capacity, and transport. If you have a working team, you can divide the tasks, including:

  • Moving furniture/office equipment
  • Disposal or recycling tasks
  • Items packaging, loading, and reloading 

You can cut down the hassle of completing paperwork with the client, as every part is done on our online system. You can provide customers with better trucking management solutions by reducing prices and increasing your cash flows and revenue margin. Even if you are an owner truck driver or squad leader, you can simplify load the booking process and streamline your business operations.