FTL/LTL shipment

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FTL/LTL shipment

Full Truck Load and Less Than Truck Load are the two main categories of freight shipping. These shipping modes are selected based on weight, size, and delivery timelines.

FTL/LTL at One-Click Truck:

One-Click Truck provides an option of selecting FTL/LTL on the load board, whether you are a shipper or a carrier.

As Shipper:

 FTL/LTL differs based on numerous factors, including load, time, and cost:


If you have few pallets and a tight budget to manage your freight, you can choose LTL, as you only will be paying for your freight space instead of total truck capacity. You can select FTL for the whole truck for bulky movements as the entire load will be your shipped consignment.


The transit time for the shipment is the total time required for your shipment to be delivered at the destination. If your time margin is not rigid, LTL can be a better choice as LTL trucks need to convey multiple consignments at the exact location, and estimated delivery time can vary.

Safety of Shipment:

At One Click Truck, you can prefer LTL if your items are sturdy, as truckloads will be taken on/off numerous times from the truck. In addition, it increases the exposure of load to the environment before it reaches its final destination.

Keeping the above factors in mind, you can book shipments with our registered carriers all over New Zealand. Even for multiple deliveries, you can provide carriers with your centralized routing through our data-driven technology. GPS integration can help you locate the exact location of freight. Whether you have a dry cargo or refrigerated load, you can drop and hook services of LTL/FTL carriers nationwide.  


As Carriers:

At One Click Truck, you can choose FTL/LTL as your load preference considering the following:


If you are looking for a straightforward route without many stopovers, you can choose FTL, as there will be no overhead miles, and transit will be fuel-efficient and predictable.

Time and Budget:

If you want to earn more and have no time constraints, you can select LTL, as varying rates can be obtained from all the parties, depending upon the load type. In addition, you can have more profit margin, as multiple shipments for a single destination will be returning you more profit instead of being paid for a single shipment for the whole truck.

Type of Transport:

At One Click Truck, you need to look out for loads that can accurately fit into your truck. You have to balance space and load, as you don’t want to waste space and don’t want to overload your vehicle. Hence, always keep in mind the type of truck/vehicle you have, which can be flatbed carriers, reefers, dry van, step deck trailer, or even removable gooseneck trailer, and then bid on costs.