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Shipper FAQ

We are freight, logistic broker software platform that connects shipper and carrier for your reliable, safe, on-time shipment. We provide online hosting for load boards. Users including shippers and brokers need to use the load boards for posting detail of information. These details can be seen by drivers, trucking/freight companies on the load boards and they can either accept the offer or place a bid. This simplifies the communication between all parties including transporters, shipper, and brokers. More Detail

Users can send any goods type in our goods type list each vehicle type. Also, User can select special type of goods with providing the details of goods.

We provide Web and App based service. User can make a detail of goods/loads including weight, dimensions, address, total cost, and time schedule.

Our service available for short and long distance of shipment. Every vehicle type has minimum cost and long-haul cost(recommend price).

One Click Truck will not charge your cancellation fee unless cancellation made 6 hours or less before pick up time. If cancellation made within 6 hours base fee of booked vehicle type will be applied. All cancellation fee will not be refundable.

You can set Driver’s Loading Extra Charge Level separately from trip depends on your goods type and place advantage. This will hep carriers to aware how much contribution will be required for load and unload.

LTL stands for less than truck load. LTL freight is the transportation of products or goods that does not require a full truckload due to the smaller nature of the parcel. Therefore, there are typically many separate shipments being transported on one Truck. LTL shipments are usually arranged on pallets and can range anywhere.

Moreover, LTL carriers specialize in optimizing their loads, moving more goods for more shippers efficiently. Shippers may prefer LTL shipping because it offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. However, LTL shipping can be rather complex.

FTL stands for full truckload shipping. Normally a shipper will choose this shipping method if the shipper of the goods needs to transport will take the entire space of a truck. Full truckload services are especially recommended if the shipper has more than ten pallets to ship. In this shipping, approach shipments stay in the same Truck from pickup to drop-off. There are numerous advantages associated with full truckload shipping.

Carrier FAQ

Anyone who has registered Ute, Wagon, Pickup Truck, Van or Truck with insurance and NZ vailed driver license.

In our load board, carrier can find suitable load that fits driver’s vehicle and get paid for shipping. More detail

Our service available for short and long distance of shipment. Every vehicle type has minimum cost and long-haul cost(recommend price).

Basically we require legal documents in order to work as One Click – Carrier. Driver License for driver document and registration, wof/cof, insurance, TSL(Transport Service License).

We normally take 1 to 2 business days to process for verify documents, vehicle and drivers detail. If some information needs further action it may take more.

Our system check your document expiry date and we send you email once any of your document is expired and we deactivate your vehicle. To active your vehicle you will need to send our team your renewed documents.

One Click Truck will calculate you weekly earning and automatically pay out to your bank account. If you did not set up your bank detail go to OneClick-Carrier app, Setting – Bank and create your bank detail. It may takes 2 – 3 business days to verify your detail. If you wish to get pay out irregularly please contact support team

All the loads will be filtered depending on goods type and weight. If your vehicle type covers goods type and goods are capable weight to carry then load will be shown to your load board. Additionally, you can sort the loads by your own filter function.

Once your vehicle is deactivated due to the expiration of the document then you should apply your vehicle as adding a new vehicle. If your vehicle is about to expire due to a document, you should apply a new document through the edited document. Our team will review in 1 business day.

If your vehicle is driven with trailer, you must attach your trailer’s document with vehicle’s documents. We are not allow you to use unregistered vehicle or trailer on our service.

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