Chilled & Frozen Products Freight

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Chilled/Frozen Freight

Frozen or chilled freight includes transporting temperature-controlled products in special trucks called reefers that are fully insulated and have a specific environment. This temperature-controlled supply chain is referred to as Cold Supply Chain and includes the following products:

  • Food items:
    • Fruits, vegetables
    • Seafood, meat, poultry, dairy
    • Ready to eat and processed food, including café and deli items
    • High-end food products
  • Flowers/plants
  • Sensitive electrical goods, including photographic films

The temperature range for the products can be divided as follows:

Product categoryTemperature Range (in ºC)
Deep Frozen: meat, seafood-28 to -30
Frozen meat/food products-16 to -20
Chilled: Fruits, vegetables, dairy products2 to 4
Chilled: Food produce (bakery items), certain drugs12 to 14

Due to the geographical isolation of New Zealand, approximately 45% of products are exported in frozen/chilled states. Industries leading in chilled/frozen freight include the meat, dairy, horticulture, and seafood industry. Therefore, for maintaining supply and demand levels of these industries, there is a high demand for chilled/frozen freight for shippers and carriers within New Zealand.

Chilled/Frozen Freight at One-Click Truck:

As Shipper:

Your refrigerated freight can be straightforward at One-Click Truck by just requesting delivery on our tool. If you have a small family business or an industry-based business, your frozen consignments can be collected and delivered within New Zealand according to your priorities. You only need to list consignment details, weight, product category, temperature requirements, destination, and offering price at our tool for the bidding process. The carriers at our forum are thoroughly trained, certified, and adhere to MPI regulations for refrigerated products transportation.

As Carrier:

If you are intending to use a chilled/frozen freight carrier, you will need excellent transport and thorough knowledge of regulatory compliances issued by MPI, New Zealand. Your reefer will always require specific loads, One-Click Truck can help you to keep your truck fully loaded. Reefer loads can be expensive to carry due to special conditions, so you can dig up an accurate market rate for making strategic decisions. Our tool can help you find your preferred locations, origin, route, paid rates for controlling costs. Your reefer trucking business can flourish in the New Zealand market, as supply and demand are always running on a large scale, and you can select between Full Truck Load and Less Than Truck Load (LTL) on our tool for maximizing profits.