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Join us with any type of your vehicle from small to heavy vehicle

One Click Truck covers various of goods and service type. From small van to heavy truck vehicles.

  • Small Vehicle Small Van type vehicles will be mostly suitable with Home and Office furniture and sensitive goods.
  • Box Body Type of Truck medium sized of box type trucks will be generally used for most of goods for retail and whole sale industries
  • Heavy Truck Vehicle Heavy Trucks can cover oversized and special types of goods such as log, container and construction material

Introducing Our Mobile Driver App

Owner Driver app solution for Truck Business. We provide all Truck Jobs in New Zealand.
Available for IOS and Android, our app makes it easier than ever to manage your One Click Truck NZ driver "on the go".

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Keep Your Truck Fully Loaded

One Click Truck provides the best way to maximize your truck earning by a simple and effective mobile app.

  • Find your load without call, email, text message. One Click Truck will show you all the details of a load and let you accept or bid. You will not be required to contact the customer before you are assigned to a load. 
  •  Filter your load preference by using One Click Filter. One Click Truck will show you only suitable loads for your setup
  • Make your truck fully loaded to maximize your earning on every trip. One Click Truck will calculate your truck’s load capacity and allow you to get loads until your truckload capacity is full.
One Click Truck How it works for Carrier
Enter your personal details, registrations, licenses & appropriate photos. Our team will verify your eligibility within one working day.
Live tracking powered by Google Maps & Waze
View detailed analysis of all bookings & associated earnings on the app or over a set duration.

How to maximize your truck earning

We work hard, day and night, to be the brokerage of choice for all quality freight carriers.

Set your range by using Filter

One Click Truck provides filter to set your own range and conditions of load you can take

  • Range of Distance Set up range of distance from your current location. One Click Truck will show you all the available loads within the range
  • FTL and  LTL Select Full Truck Load or Less than Truck Load or you can choose none of those to see both FTL and LTL loads
  • Sort by Date and Price Sort your available loads by Date and Price.

Bid or Accept the Load

Choose Accept or Bid to get your job. Get a fit load and request to be assigned with one click.

  • See the way  check travel road from pick up point to drop point in detail of load
  • Detail of Load Select the load, check addresses and distance of pick up and drop point.
  • Price and Goods detail Detail of Goods type, price detail, weight and dimension of goods.

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