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We Provide you "3" Powers - Admin, Operating Manager, Driver

We provide you three powers: Administrator, Operating Manager, Drivers. The admin will control all your employees and the setting of vehicles and drivers. The operating manager will take care of all your loads and assign them to your drivers. Drivers will be provided with the operator's driver app to be notified of their deliveries when the operating manager assigns them a trip.

operating manager

Operating Manager / Dispatcher

Operating Manager negotiate with customers on behalf of Fleet Company. The Managers can do the negotiation and then push (assign) the job to one of the drivers. The manager can track the driver as driver does the load.

Operator driver

Operator Driver

Operator Drivers are able to login with driver's mobile number once Operator admin has registered profile. The driver can take up jobs that have been pushed (assigned) to driver by a operator manager.

One Click Truck Operator Admin Panel -1

Operator Admin

We provide Operator Administration panel for operators where the fleet owner will be able to manage owner's fleet easily. Register your managers(dispatchers), drivers and monitor all your loads and status.

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How it works

Appoint Your Members
- Manager / Dispatcher Assign/un-assign jobs to/from drivers, watch all loads processing and tracking.
- Drivers Every time a load is assigned to a driver, One Click Truck will notify the driver via the driver app. The manager will automatically assign a new load.
- Vehicles Register all your vehicles. The driver will choose the type of vehicle they drive.
Post Own Load or Get Load from Load Board
The operator's dispatcher will allow you to post a load and dispatch the load to a driver of choice. One can choose between “share to load board” or “directly assign to your driver.”
Manage Your Earning
Admin keeps records of the customer’s loads history. We keep your all loads history and provide calculations of every transaction.
Watch Entire Processing
24/7 Watch your business live. One Click Truck will show you all vehicles and loads processing.
One Click Truck Web Booking

Post Own Load and Assign To Your Driver

To protect your own business. One Click Truck keeps your own customers' list and lets you assign a load to a driver of choice without any commission. Your operating manager will assign/un-assign all the loads to your drivers, both your own load and from the load board. One Click Truck will share your load with carriers and let you choose your best carrier.

One Click Truck Web Booking Status

Track all Processing

One Click Truck will provide you with updates on actions related to your load. You will be notified of every step of your load's process and have access to live location tracking.

One Click Truck Operator Admin

Admin Panel

One Click Truck will provide you with a personal admin panel. It will offer you an easy solution to manage your operators, drivers and vehicles. It will also help you set a fixed price for your customers. On the dashboard, you can always see reports and data analytics.

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broker solution

Trustable Market Place

All our drivers and vehicles are qualified. Our team individually verifies each of the vehicles' documents.

Trucks Availability

Our drivers are always ready to take your job whenever, wherever, whatever. See our various types of trucks and pick the most suitable truck according to your needs.


One Click Truck provides you with your own database that is separate from our main database. You can keep your customers, drivers, and vehicles, all of which are not included in our main database.

Capacity on demand

One Click Truck enables you to find trucks for all kinds of freight with a super-database with numerous trucks. We quickly qualify and bring on new carriers quickly

Qualify and Onboard Carriers Fast

One Click Truck ensures carriers are safe, trustworthy, and legal by checking the insurance info and safety ratings. The customer receives alerts in case carrier data changes.

One Click Truck Operator Dispatcher

Easy Assign to Driver

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